In December of 2014, after working with Middle Tennessee on the transportation for Brooklyn, Brooklyn made the trek to Vermont and we finally got to meet her in person.  As mentioned earlier, she was just the dog as described to us, there were no surprises, and exactly the dog we had been looking for.  We want to express our sincere thanks to Middle Tennessee Treasures, These are people who work full time and have families, and yet find the time, energy, patience and kindness, not only to rescue so many innocent dogs,  but to walk the uninitiated through the rescue adoption process.

So, how is Brooklyn doing?  Well, she has more or less made the transition to the cold Vermont winter (She does have a few coats however).  As you can see, she is pretty active outdoors, snowshoeing, walking/hiking, camping, and even riding a vintage snowmobile!  One of her favorite activities is relaxing by the wood stove!

Update:  Brooklyn has new siblings and yes, they were all adopted from MTT!!






Corwin – His new family just adores him.  They say he is just like a nanny to their nine month old baby.  Doesn’t get better than that.



Rosco – After spending a few years in different foster homes, Roscoe has finally found his forever home and even has his own Facebook page.  You can follow his adventures by clicking on this link: Roscoe’s Facebook Page!







Buffy – Buffy has her own Instagram Page called “Buffy the Rescue Pittie.  You can follow her on Instagram by clicking on this link: Buffy.







Jack – It was love at first sight for us.  Jack is getting along great with the 2 other dogs in the house and is a great addition to my family. So happy!









Nalah – was found on a dirt road huddled with her brother on a cold winter night screaming at the top of her lungs.  Luckily a wonderful woman heard them, picked them up and kept them warm until they joined the MTT family.  They were covered in fleas, ticks and full of roundworms.  With a lot of care and love, they now have wonderful new homes.  Nalah is a spitfire and full of life.  We just love her.  Thank you MTT.








Charlie – After an eight hour drive from Tennessee to North Carolina, Charlie finally made it to his forever home.  He now lives with his human parents and furry sister Shyla.








Peter Parker – He almost didn’t make it as a pup with MTT.  He came in sick and tiny and now look at him.  He has been through obedience class and plays with his sister Talia and has stolen mom and dad’s heart for sure.  Thanks for a perfect home.







Jerry – Took me about a million tries to get this picture because he is really hard to get a picture of…….he’s constantly moving! He’s so stinking cute. Happy New Year!










OJ – OJ loves running around the house like Tony hawk pro-skater. He loves giving kisses and he likes to cuddle and reacting to weird noises. He goes on car rides to the dog park and runs around. He is the best pup ever.







Zeke – He’s been a true joy and takes great care of me. So glad he’s part of our family!








Birdee – She is practically perfect in every way!  We love her so much and she is such a blessing to us.  Thank you for your help with her and all the other dogs who receive your love and care.






Daisy – All is going great with her.  She is a sweetheart.  She keeps our other dog Ellie in shape.  They play all day.  We just love her.







Domino – Hello!  Happy New Year’s Eve.  Domino is doing great.  He sure is a snuggler.


















Kaiya – I would just like to say “Thank you” to Middle Tennessee Treasures because without them I wouldn’t have my sweet baby Kaiya!  And btw, she loves this weather.








Oreo – She is doing great and adapted perfectly.  We love her.






Pink – Even when Cole is sick, Pink doesn’t leave his side.  We are absolutely nuts about Mr. “Pink” Floyd.  Thank you for everything you did to help us get Pink.








Sully – What a great dog!!! We went for a 45 min, very brisk walk, this morning at 5 and he was awesome.  Stayed beside me.  Love him to death!!  Smart, obedient, love hound.  Tries to climb up in my lap when I’m in the rocking chair and there is clearly no room.  U guys are angels!! Thx so much!




corkyCorky – “Here are some pictures of Corky, our MTT dog and Addison, our other rescue dog.
MTT worked with us over a few weeks to find a dog that would be a fit for both our home and our other dog. Corky sweetOur other rescue dog Addison is a bit high strung and plays hard, and we wanted a dog to keep her company but it needed to be the right match. She doesn’t really get along with other females, and because we go camping often, we wanted a second dog to be small and male. MTT suggested a few different dogs and went out of their way to arrange for us to meet them. After we narrowed it down to two and met them in person, we chose a favorite, but still wanted Addison to meet them.

Jennifer from MTT brought both dogs to a meeting place near our home, we brought Addie and the meet and greet commenced. We quickly learned who would put up with Addie’s antics and who would have been miserable in our home, and took home the dog that was NOT our first choice! Corky has since stolen our hearts and become the king of the castle. They play together, she won’t eat until he does, he sleeps in my little girls bed every night and is often found sleeping with all four paws sticking straight up in the air! And while everyone wanted us to change his name, we never did. It just seemed to fit.  We are SO very happy that he is part of our home and so grateful to MTT for all the time and effort and care they took to help us find the right second dog for us!”




Quincy – “I got Quincy a little over a year ago. He’s just great and we are the best of buddies! Thanks for what you do.”

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